The POWERHUB is an all-in-one renewable energy storage system for electricity and heat generation. It’s the community-scale version of the Solenco Powerbox (SPB) using electrolysis and fuel cell principles. It integrates multiple modules allowing the scalability of electrical and thermal production capacity. The Powerhub Technology can cover the energy needs of any type of real estate, regardless of its size, configuration or application.

Process Flow


All appliances are onboarded on the Solenco Cloud application. This application enables us to provide preventive maintenance and a proactive follow-up based on smart sensor data gathered in the machine. The sensor data is analyzed continuous and automatic to monitor deterioration or abnormal behavior of key components. All information is presented in a structured  and easy to use dashboard.  The customer can access this dashboard via a user-friendly interface on a pc, laptop or smartphone.


Table - Specifications Powerhub
Electrolysis Mode On demand (25kW-150kw)
Fuel Cell Mode On demand (30kW-150kW)
Output pressure 20 bar
Electrical configuration Triphasic
Outer dimensions 20 or 40ft container, depending on the size/power of electrolyser and fuel cell