Endless Renewable Energy

Founded in 2015, and with a team with +50 years of experience in the hydrogen sector, Solenco Power is committed to the decarbonization of the energy sector

Our drivers

Renewable energy

Support the roll out of solar PV and wind turbines towards the decarbonization of the
energy sector


H2 acting as our energy vector. Clean generation, storage, distribution and usage of pressurized hydrogen


From hours to seasons of energy storage capacity. Secured operation, always available


Future proof solution.
Designed to be part of Smart Grids and District Heating Networks

Go for Green!

What is Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is an environmentally friendly product.  It is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis that uses renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power.  This process emits no carbon and provides us with an ecological and reliable source of energy storage that can replace the polluting fossil fuels so often used today.  This green hydrogen can be used in three sectors; mobility, energy storage and heating.

The Solenco Powerbox

The Solenco Powerbox has the capacity to create its own green hydrogen via an ecological electrolysis process.  Energy from newable energy sources, like solar or wind energy, is stored in this green hydrogen.  Later, a fuel cell will transfer the stored energy in heath and electricity.  This can make a company, housing complex, appartment block etc. completely independent from the electricity grid!

A green future

Because all of us are dependent on the constantly changing weather conditions for the production of solar and wind energy, it’s imperative that we find a way to store that renewable green energy for a long period of time in a safe manner.  Electrical batteries can only get us so far.  We need a solution to bridge the gap in distribution.  With Solenco’s Powerbox you have the infrastructure to deliver flexible, safe and renewable energy.  You just store it when the weather allows it and use it whenever you need it.  By being independent of the electricity grid you bring a personal contribution to a bright, green future.