Attention! From 12/12/2022, companies are entitled to up to 40% subsidy for making investments in the Flemish Region to use green hydrogen technology in built environment for heat and energy storage (through VLAIO’s GREEN subsidy program).
Contact us now so we can explain how you can apply for this subsidy when purchasing our Solenco Powerbox, Powerhub or Solyzer.

Endless Renewable Energy

Solenco is a fast-growing Belgian SME innovator in the field of cleantech and specializes in hydrogen energy storage systems for residential, commercial and industrial installations.

Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen has the unique capacity to store energy for days, but also weeks and even entire seasons. If you look over a day time, but also over a year time there is enough energy production to cover our needs; the challenge lies in finding a storage system that can handle long duration energy storage. Hydrogen can do that.
At Solenco we believe in the power of green hydrogen to bring us to a sustainable solution for our energy demands.

Our technology

Green hydrogen is produced and stored from just water and renewable energy
Electricity and heat is available from stored hydrogen, year-round
Hydrogen storage helps level out seasonal behaviour & peak shavings
It can be used as emergency power supply system
Only oxygen as side product, no CO2 emission !
100% safe in conversion and storage

Our pillars

Hydrogen generation
based on
water electrolysis

Renewable energy
storage based on

Combined power and heat
generation by
hydrogen usage

Our network