Solenco is a fast-growing Belgian SME innovator in the field of cleantech and specializes in hydrogen energy storage systems for residential, commercial and industrial installations.

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Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen has the unique capacity to store energy for days, but also weeks and even entire seasons. If you look over a day time, but also over a year time there is enough energy production to cover our needs; the challenge lies in finding a storage system that can handle long duration energy storage. Hydrogen can do that.
At Solenco we believe in the power of green hydrogen to bring us to a sustainable solution for our energy demands.

Our technology

Green hydrogen is produced and stored from just water and renewable energy
Electricity and heat is available from stored hydrogen, year-round
Hydrogen storage helps level out seasonal behaviour & peak shavings
It can be used as emergency power supply system
Only oxygen as side product, no CO2 emission !
100% safe in conversion and storage

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