Why Solenco Powerbox™?

Because it is the missing link between residential needs and the given solar system.

It allows to store energy when available and use when needed.

Solar Panels

Solar panels functions as the sole source of energy.


The surplus of electric energy is stored as hydrogen.

95% Efficiency

Electricity and heat are produced by the SPB™ from the hydrogen stored at a 95% efficency.


We have an experienced team to help you find the best solution.












Better Life. Better Energy.

Solenco Powerbox™ (SPB™) provides a one-stop solution for both heat and power needs. Unlike battery systems it can store for hours to months without degradation as it uses compressed hydrogen gas as energy storage.

Water H20

In addition to energy produced by renewables, water is the ONLY input to the system.

Smart System

From Smart Devices, through Smart Cities to Smart Communities. The system is designed to be intelligent and monitors all energy flows in the house

Grid Independence

Decentralised power production for a low voltage infrastructure. No longer have to face peak periods

Scalable Solution

The modular H2 Storage is adaptable to the consumer’s needs

Our Partnerships.

News & Views

March 1, 2018

In het kader van het EU-project Link2Innovate, Solenco Power NV ontving financiëlsteun met betrekking tot Solenco Powerbox™. Het betreft een energieopslagsysteem…

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Belfius Smart Awards 2016
March 23, 2017

Powerbox maakt woningen onafhankelijk van gas- en elektriciteitsnetwerk – Belfius Smart Belgium Powerbox maakt woningen onafhankelijk van gas- en elektriciteitsnetwerk Solenco…

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BAANBREKERS. Powerbox belooft stroom en warmte voor elk gezin
November 20, 2016

Source: Gazet Van Antwerpen 20/11/2016 om 22:18 door Guy Van Nieuwenhuysen http://www.gva.be/cnt/dmf20161120_02582126/baanbrekers-het-stenen-tijdperk-is-niet-geeindigd-omdat-er-geen-stenen-meer-waren   TURNHOUT / KASTERLEE – Maken we over enkele…

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Vandenborre Energy Systems – SOUL-FI Testimonial
July 13, 2016

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For a Hydrogen Energy Society
March 28, 2016

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How solar is changing the energy landscape
August 14, 2015

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