Solar energy, 24 hours, year-round. On or off-grid.


Project aim (2020-2022)

The aim of the EU-funded Powerbox project is to commercialise the innovative energy storage solution developed by Solenco Power NV.
Solenco Powerbox allows homes and small businesses to cheaply store their own generated energy, for hours or whole seasons. The system combines an electrolyser and a fuel cell in one unit which transform electricity into hydrogen, store it indefinitely and then convert hydrogen back into electricity and heat with minimal losses.

HORIZON 2020 – NETfficient

Energy and economic efficiency for today’s smart communities through integrated multi storage technologies


Project aim (2015-2018)

The NETfficient project deployed and demonstrated local energy storage technologies. It developed information and communication tools to exploit the synergies between renewable energy sources, energy storage, the smart gird, and the citizens. The scope of this real environment project included five use cases, covering low voltage and medium voltage scenarios and a wide range of applications and functionalities. Solenco’s contribution – spin-off of Vandenborre Energy Systems NV – included two low voltage installations where hydrogen technology was used as energy storage. Combination of electrolysis and fuel cell processes were demonstrated as well as two different technologies for hydrogen storage.
The NETfficient consortium brought together 13 companies from 7 different European countries:
3 Industrial partners (large industrial companies);
3 SMEs;
4 Research partners;
1 Academic partners;
1 Public Administration as an end-user;
1 Communal energy provider as an end-user

Borkum___ (2)


In the framework of the SOUL FI program, FIWARE General Enablers have been implemented in the SPB™ allowing to manage virtual power plants based on the SPB™ product.

Fiware Technologies

Project aim (2015-2016)

By leveraging Fiware technologies, this project aims to monitor and analyze various metrics from the Solenco installations. The first objective is to gather these Iot measurements into a centralized system. This will allow deeper analysis of field conditions and enable further improvements of the Solenco system.

  • Innovathuis

    Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet – Netherlands


Project description (2019)

Together with Hylife innovations, Solenco installed the first hydrogen powered house in The Netherlands. The house, located in a residential neighbourhood in Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet, was the result of a strong cooperation between many parties to realise what is called “the first Dutch hydrogen home”.

The aim of this project was to demonstrate and test the use of hydrogen in a residential environment. The Powerbox was installed with a hydrogen tank of 1200L in the garden. The necessary permits, certifications and safety measures were investigated and obtained for this project.

  • GIACOMINI Benelux

    Bierges (near Brussels) – Belgium

Powerbox – Grid connected

Project description (2020)

Giacomini is an Italian specialist in heating equipment for buildings. They have a very long history and experience. This family owned company pioneered with hydrogen based heating solutions (catalyic boiler) back in the early 2000’s. Today, the vision of Giacomini is to develop their product range for heating homes and buildings towards the use of hydrogen as a clean energy.

The Powerbox is installed in the head office of Giacomini Benelux in Bierges, Belgium. The Powerbox is connected to the local heating system (via a hot water buffer tank).

  • IZEN

    Lille (near Antwerp) – Belgium

Powerbox – Solar PV connected

Project Description (2021)

IZEN is a specialist in Solar PV installatiosn from small residential kW scale up to industrial MW scale. They installed a Powerbox in their head office in Lille to balance excess Solar PV energy. In the weekends or on very sunny weekdays, there is often too much production of Solar PV and the installation is limited in terms of allowed injection into the grid. Now with the Powerbox, the energy is stored and converted back on weekdays to usefull power the office building. As a next step, IZEN will install electric charging points for cars. Also here the Powerbox will support providing the necessary power and energy at the right moments in time.

The Powerbox is also connected to the heating system of the building (a water-water heat pump) via the hot water buffer tank. Recuperated heat from the Powerbox is used to support the heating of the building.


    Lummen – Belgium

Montea – Lummen

Project description (2020)

This feasibility study analyses the design of the technical installations and possibilities of hydrogen for use in a new warehouse with mezzanine and an integrated office department, which will be built in Lummen/Zolder on behalf of Montea.


Start-up opportunity for entrepreneurs

Solenco Power

Project aim

ESA Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Office initiated its ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs) in 2003 to inspire and work with entrepreneurs to turn space-connected business ideas into commercial start-ups companies.
The ESA BICs provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-ups to turn their ideas and inventions into successful businesses in Europe. At the centres they are provided with:
– office space and logistics support
– technical support
– business assistance
– seed money and access to equity loan facilities
– access to inventors, VCs and other finance opportunities
– help to find partners and launch business internationally through the extensive ESA BIC network


SME Instrument Phase 1

Solenco Powerbox

Project aim

Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon energy system.

Market study for Solenco Power Box, a zero-carbon small-scale local energy storage product.
Potential application as missing link in residential PV uptake (residential and commercial buildings).
During Phase 1 the following main issues have been tackled:

– Analysis and validation of the market segments
– Competitor benchmarking
– Business model and launch strategy
– Business plan an quantification and timing


    Vlaanderen – Nederland


Project aim

Together with a Dutch project developer, Solenco Power realized a test setup in the Netherlands. Thanks to this cross-border cooperation, it is offered an integrated “residential energy supply” solution.

The project is financed through the Link2Innovate framework project from the European Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program (www.grensregio.eu). Interreg Flanders-Netherlands stimulates cross-border projects for smart, green and inclusive growth, from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Schipper Bosch

Hofkerk Lawijckerhof

Hofkerk Lawijckerhof

Project aim

Together with a Dutch project developer, Solenco Power will deploy a Solenco Powerbox installation in the Netherlands.


KMO Innovatie Project


Project aim (2016 – 2018)

Support in the manufacturing and testing of the reversible fuel cell technology of Solenco Power.

The Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) is a governmental organisation of the Flemish government for all entrepreneurs in Flanders. In 2016, Enterprise Flanders and the company activities of IWT were merged into VLAIO. The research activities of IWT were taken over by the Flemish Research Council (FWO).

The mission of VLAIO is to stimulate and support innovation and entrepreneurship and to contribute to a favourable business-climate in Flanders.