Working with Nettficient.

The project will deploy and demonstrate local energy storage technologies and develop information and communication tools, to exploit the synergies between energy storage, the smart grid and the citizens.
Such tools include a energy management system and a management and decision support tool that enable the integration of renewable energy generation, forecasting and storage into a smart grid.

Netfficient & Solenco

Through various use cases, such as homes, public buildings, street lighting and others, the project will demonstrate the application in the real environment.

This will result in the identification of viable business models and propositions for changes in socio-economic regulations, thereby reducing the barriers for deployment and increasing societal acceptance.

The project’s energy storage technologies and management systems will be implemented and demonstrated on the German island of Borkum in the North Sea with direct involvement of citizens.

Super Capacitors

Second Life Electric Vehicle Batteries

Home Hybrid Technologies combining all areas above

Li-ion Batteries


Solenco Contribution

Vandenborre Energy Systems NV is a Belgian SME (Small and Medium Size Enterprise) active in the R&D, design, manufacturing and distribution of (amongst others) hydrogen generation products and services.

Demonstration and performance verification of energy storage based on hydrogen technology that is connected with a low voltage substation or with variable distributed electricity generation in individual houses. Issues on safety, socioeconomic and business models are envisaged. The proposed energy storage solution is the missing link for mass uptake of residential solar PV, since it balances its irregularity, i.e. no longer facing peak or off-peak periods.

The NETfficient consortium

from 7 European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and United Kingdom). The consortium offers a combination of outstanding researchers and of competences in application areas such as systems of systems as well as in exploitation, dissemination and management competencies.

The NETfficient consortium brings together:

  • 3 Industrial partners (large industrial companies);
  • 3 SMEs;
  • 4 Research partners;
  • 1 Academic partners;
  • 1 Public Administration as an end-user;
  • 1 Communal energy provider as an end-user


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