About Solenco Power

Solenco Power NV (SP) with registered offices in Slachthuistraat 112 box 2, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium, is a fast-growing SME innovator in the field of cleantech and specializes in energy systems for family homes and commercial buildings.
The business of Solenco Power mainly consists of:

– Electrolysis-based hydrogen generation equipment for residential and industrial applications (Hydrogen Generation).

– Hydrogen-based energy storage solutions for renewable energy applications (Energy Storage).

– Working with European private and government bodies to realise energy storage projects for coupling with renewable energy based on hydrogen, both directly and with partner firms (Projects & Services).

Our Technology

Hydrogen Technology

” A world based on a green and blue system, sustainable energy and water might not just be a dream for my grandchildren Kaat, Janne, Jojke, Laura, Toon, Jonas, Roos en Floor. It will be my gift for their future and the future of everyone.”

Dr Hugo Vanderborre

”An increasing number of customers and emerging businesses are breaking away from a conventional system in which residential energy needs, mobility and environment are isolated concepts. The starting point should be the overall needs of the consumer and how these can be tackled in one single solution that is simple, environmentally friendly, affordable and most of all, efficient. It is my conviction that a triple zero carbon Solenco Powerbox that can deliver not only electricity and heat, but can also providefuel for your car, would be a perfect way to kick-start this new future of energy.”

Dr Hugo Vandenborre

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